Hailing from South England, Miro (Monty Hancock) is making himself known for combining the intensity of dance music with the emotive elements of piano and ambient music. This fusion creates a distinctive style which takes advantage of the entrancing essence of electronic music whilst simultaneously tugging at your emotions with his impassioned piano playing. Miro touches many genres of music with his unique style, from House, to Dubstep, to scoring and writing classical piano books. 

Beginning his music production journey in 2011 under an array of fleeting aliases, he finally settled with ‘Miro’ in 2015 and has since gradually been making himself known through the electronic music community. His remix of Lauv’s ‘I Like Me Better’ has been his most popular release, with over 9 million views as of writing, and airing on SiriusXM over the summer of 2017. He released his first piano book ‘Threadneedle’ in November 2017 which is available on paperback on Amazon, and his second piano book ‘Spine’ in June 2019. 

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by Miro

Miro’s Debut Electronic Album

A fragment of conscious energy.
Living through the whole of humanity until the very present.


A hallway.
Spinning and cascading into infinity.
Every door leads to every single memory.
Then consciousness slowly started to return.

Everything is just a matter of perspective.

Miro - Archangel.jpg
Miro - Archangel.jpg


by Miro

Archangel is an emotional vocal track combined with a relaxed piano and house instrumental.

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by Monty Hancock

When writing ‘Spine’, I was trying to carefully explore the instrument that is the centre to my music. By writing music for solo piano there is a sort of comfort in hearing music come from one place from one instrument, without any accessories or anything additional. For me, the piano is the spine of my music, and by keeping music as a solo, it can be sensitive and revealing.

Physical copies of sheet music available on Amazon.

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by Miro

These songs have been an interesting journey for me, and I think it’s also lead to a change of perspective for me.

With ‘Soar’ and ‘Voices’, I think they’re more nostalgic songs. Although they’re emotional… I think really positively about these songs, and I hope that listening to them helps you feel a little bit happier.

Thank you so much to Elle Chante for singing so wonderfully on ‘Soar’, and thank you for listening.



by Miro

‘Ego’ is one of the heavier tracks I’ve produced. As of this year I have been seeing much more live music - particularly techno - and wanted to see that sort of boiler room-esque, gritty overtone to the song whilst still trying to keep some sort of parallel to my piano-based style.

‘Akrasia’ is essentially a chilled with the same sort of influence, and I have always wanted to make minimalistic house with instrumental piano as the verses to contrast with the drop. I had a lot of fun making this track.

The title track, ‘Self’ was very much inspired by progressive/electro house, and made a point of not using the piano at all. I particularly enjoyed making the opening, building pads and plucks and synths on top of each other to create big sonic space was something I missed about production.

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by Monty Hancock

The entire time I've had this project, I've had the piano as the main element of my songs. Its always where my ideas originate. I've always had dreams of releasing a small piano collection - I'm a big believer in quality not quantity - and so I've made this little book, which I've called Threadneedle.

Threadneedle has 4 pieces in it - all of which I didn't want to discard or leave, or to turn into an electronic songs because I thought their emotion was set perfectly by being solo piano pieces.

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ennui art.jpg


by Miro

Ennui is a chilled-out acoustically oriented track, with piano as its main centre with a tempo akin to that of drum and bass.

Intoku is an ambient piano track with celestial and calming pads.