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Eclectic composer, producer, and songwriter Xeuphoria (Monty Hancock) has a personal relationship with the online music community. Pioneering the solo-piano improvisation genre, covering a wide range of genres: modern piano music, jazz, classical, electronic, dubstep, experimental, house, and much more music. 

Amongst Xeuphoria’s originals more attention has been garnered from several Xeuphoria’s remixes of Porter Robinson’s music, remixes and piano covers of various anime soundtracks, and many other projects. Xeuphoria’s piano playlist on Soundcloud which has been consistently updated and worked on since 2014 now features over 130 tracks with well over 11 hours of original content.


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Jazz Collection 1

by Xeuphoria

Xeuphoria - Jazz Collection 1

Xeuphoria Soul Wide.jpg
Xeuphoria - Soul (Album Cover).jpg


by Xeuphoria

Xeuphoria - Soul (Album)

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by Xeuphoria
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That Alone Feeling

by Xeuphoria